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I've got a few character-themed collections. Check them out: Kirby and Friends
Character Vocal Series Singers

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Everybody loves comics.

Random from Sleep Mode

Snoozing fellows are so cute. :meow: Not to mention soothing...

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I adore fairies, and I have no apologies for fellow men who feel I'm ruining our gender's reputation.


DeviantArt has announced the rollout of a new thumbnail grid, to be enabled for individual users over time. Unfortunately I am not yet one of those users (and a brief enable of Beta Testing had no effect), so I can't check to make sure Deviant Love still works with the new grid. I'd appreciate if anyone with the new grid can check for me and leave a comment.

Deviant Love is mostly immune to changes DeviantArt makes to its HTML (it scans using the page's Web feed), but if it can't find the number of faved deviations in the HTML, scan progress will immediately jump to 100% but fail to actually complete. (Note to self: fix that!)

Skin made by pikadudeno1
with love ♥


September 19 is Hermione Granger's birthday, and just in time to celebrate is a new release of Deviant Love! Find out who made the most art in your Harry Potter fanart collection, or perhaps use the new find bar feature to search for "Hermione & Ron".

Scanner repaired

DeviantArt recently changed a part of HTML that Deviant Love was checking to determine the number of deviations in a Faves page to instead reflect your "thumbnails per page" setting, resulting in Deviant Love scanning way fewer faves than it was supposed to. Deviant Love now checks a different part of the HTML that still has the correct number.

New & operator in the find bar

Deviant Love looks for the exact phrase you enter in the find bar, the same behavior as your browser's built-in "find in this page" feature. But what if you want to search for multiple phrases together? Now you can type & between your phrases and do just that! For example, on my faves page, entering "frisk and toriel" turns up nothing, but entering "frisk & toriel" brings up this charming artwork even though the words are in the opposite order.

Don't worry too much about remembering this feature exists - you'll get a reminder of it at the bottom of your results any time you enter a multi-word phrase in the find bar without using &.

Resolution independence

Deviant Love should look a lot better on your high-DPI screen now that all its first-party graphics are built to look good on it! Previously, "first-party" would have excluded those find bar icons, but I went and made new ones!

Smarter watch list scanner

Deviant Love is now smart enough to tell whether a failure to retrieve your watch list is due to a communications error, a Deviant Love issue, or your not being logged in. In the former case, it now calls up a "Try again" button just like when scanning your faves fails; in the latter two cases, the reason is now displayed in the report.

Firefox improvements

Deviant Love now enforces a minimum sidebar width of 280 pixels for as long as it's occupying the sidebar, preventing text from getting unreasonably scrunched in there. Feedback on this change is welcome.

In addition, Deviant Love is now compatible with the Electrolysis feature Mozilla has been gradually rolling out. Electrolysis lets Firefox run web pages in a separate process from the rest of the browser, improving stability, security, and performance, similar to what Chrome does. Note that Deviant Love being compatible doesn't necessarily mean you can now get Electrolysis, as Mozilla has been very conservative in turning this feature on for users.

Get it

Deviant Love 2.3 for Firefox
Deviant Love 2.3 for Chrome

The future

The roadmap will be updated with my new plans shortly. I'm very much looking forward to supporting new browsers and encouraging the spread of Deviant Love♡

Skin made by pikadudeno1
with love ♥

Fix incoming!

Mon Sep 19, 2016, 4:09 AM by pikadudeno1:iconpikadudeno1:
Just a heads-up that I'm aware of the issue with Deviant Love scanning only the first 60/120 faves. Bad news is, even though I've fixed it, it's bedtime and I'm too tired to do the release process (figuring out changelog items, writing the release announcement, etc.), so the new version will need to wait another day. Good news is, the new version is not 2.2.3, but 2.3! You'll be getting a few extra features along with the bug fix; nothing earth-shattering, but some nice-to-haves. See you then!

Skin made by pikadudeno1
with love ♥


Pikadude No. 1
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I stand for love & cuteness! Well, sit. At a computer, making computer magic happen.

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This video helped keep my spirits up in the days leading up to the midterm.
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